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AEST is a social business enterprise registered by women to produce             charcoal briquettes and  cook stoves for urban and peri-urban households and institutions in the Teso region of Uganda. AEST is a project of the Teso Women Development Initiatives (TEWDI).

To increase access to clean energy solutions for urban and peri-urban low-income households in the Teso region of Uganda.

Areas of Focus
Agro-waste charcoal: We make biomass charcoal briquettes from agricultural waste (maize/corn cobs, groundnut husks etc.), charcoal dust, and cassava flour as a binder using charcoal presses and oil drums for kilns. We buy dry agricultural wastes – sugar cane trash, maize waste – from farmers.

The waste is collected and placed into big oil drums to be burned to form char (carbonization). The char is mixed with some charcoal dust and cassava porridge as a binder. This mixture is then molded using charcoal presses or extruders, placed under the sun to dry (two to three days) and packaged in various quantities ready and for sale to households and institutions.

Clean cook stoves for urban and peri-urban communities: We make improved cook stoves for sale to households and institutions. The improved cook stoves have a thick clay lining that holds in the heat of burning charcoal briquettes or wood charcoal. The stoves use less fuel compared to traditional metallic stoves, thus cooking more efficiently and saving much energy.

TEWDI has been selected for support from the Harvest Fuel Initiative  a joint project of The Charcoal Project and MIT’s D-Lab Scale-Ups.

Download our: Appropriate Energy Saving Technologies Limited Investment Profile


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