Forests have a big role in the carbon cycle and in climate change mitigation by capturing and storing (sequestration) carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions however, in many parts of Uganda, there are escalating levels of forest degradation, particularly for firewood and wood charcoal and agricultural activity.

Tree Seedling production for small scale farmers to plant in their boundaries and homes

TEWDI Uganda enables small subsistence farmers in Eastern Uganda to plant trees on their land especially along the boundaries of their gardens and around their homes so as to combat the devastating effects of deforestation, poverty and drought.
The women in particular are trained on how to raise timber & fruit tree seedlings on a commercial basis to raise funds for project sustainability. Reforestation of degraded land has a positive impact on the economic and social well-being of the region. The local farmers especially women small holder farmers benefit from training on gathering and preparing seeds and how to build and maintain nurseries. As result the farmers get an improved access to food and additional sources of income as well as conserving the environment.